I dream of a world
All my friends a’ there
But som’thin’s changed

How come I still wanna love my ghetto?
The worst fuckin’ place I know
Even the people I care for
Numbers are really low

What is it? I don’t get
There’s something dirty in all that —
Filthy, nasty — going ’round here
And it’s not just here:
It’s taken over whole America
The entire world, bro!

All we should care about
All our parents cared about
Well, the old folks, they did care
Y’all feel it’s hopeless now
It’s small things, simple things
The streets, the neighbourhood
The school!
It’s like we don’t care anymore
It’s like we’ll never win
It’s like we can’t care no less

Like we given up

We given up what we are
We given up what makes us a community
We given up what makes you somebody
In the community

We’re all alone.
That can’t get us anywhere.

Rédigé le 9 juin 2020, publié ou mis à jour le 3 août 2020.

Published by Nicolas

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